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Jun 14 2010

The Advantages of Tradeshow Giveaways

Worried about an upcoming promotional tradeshow?
Do not worry. Implement the powerful strategy of distributing tradeshow giveaways.For those of you who are not aware, trade shows are one of the most entertaining yet competitive business events to participate in. The advantages of opting for tradeshow giveaways are plenty.

Following are the key advantages:

  • Brand awareness

Trade shows provide a brilliant opportunity for spreading brand awareness amongst people who have never heard of you. They get to know what your company has to offer by visiting tradeshows you participated in. After receiving giveaway products, people usually start sharing information about your company positively. That enhances mouth-to-mouth publicity, which is believed to be extremely significant by almost all marketers around the world.

  • Acquiring numerous leads for sales:

Everybody loves receiving gifts. Even if the gift has no relevance, it is still valued and appreciated. You could ask visitors to submit their personal details in exchange of the promotional giveaway they receive and convert them into potential customers. Acquiring leads is probably the first significant step in achieving company sales.

  • Reaching out to your specific target audience:

It is important to reach out to your target specifically. If you offer giveaway items at tradeshows, you are targeting a specific group of people who belong to the same industry. This simplifies your efforts of segregating people for your promotional initiatives.

Other common reasons for conducting or participating in a tradeshow include:


  1. Generating actual sales at the event
  2. Enhancing your brand image
  3. Establishing the company’s existence presence in the marketplace
  4. Adding to the efficiency of your marketing efforts
  5. Personally meeting your customers, competitors, suppliers, clients and other well-wishers
  6. Introducing and demonstrating new products and services
  7. Sharing industry knowledge with your target audience

So why wait?
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Jun 14 2010

Is It Important to Have A Budget For Promotional Items?

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Promotional products are used by many companies but only a few use them effectively. Promotional activities need to be planned and measured before you start. Every company keeps a budget in mind before investing into anything, but most of them opt for inappropriate products just for their inexpensiveness. Choosing the right kinds of inexpensive promotional items is necessary, which possess a fair balance of efficiency and affordability.So, why it is important to have a budget for promotional items?
Well, let me explain.

There is a fair possibility of over-expenditure. If you fail to choose the right product even after spending a lot of money, you might end up overspending and eventually causing damages to your company funds. Take your time to decide and do not rush into purchasing anything without thorough research.

Do not compromise on efficiency and message longevity. In order to satisfy your budget, do not opt for cheap promotional products. That could harm your brand image and also damage your promotional outcomes. Promo Direct guarantees lowest prices as we keep our overheads low, in order to offer you competitive prices.

Most of you might be looking for business promotional pens, we suggest you to check our range of inexpensive Promotional Bic Pens at the price of only $.22 and onwards per pen.

Ask for our free promotional catalogs or promotional products free sample to view extensive range of products which are suitable to any kind of budgets. We also offer 48 hour promotional products for immediate requirements.

Happy budgeting! :)

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Jun 12 2010

Unique Products V/s Bestselling Products

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In recent times, there are thousands of options to choose from various types and categories of promotional products giveaways. And you have to choose appropriately to stand over competitors. What would you opt for? Unique promotional products or play safe by choosing one of the best selling products?
Firstly, let us understand the meaning of these products and also the differences between them. Best selling promotional products are those items which have been purchased the most for promotional purposes over the years, by various companies, for its efficiency and popularity amongst users.

Best promotional products are convenient to choose for companies who have just been introduced to the power of business promotional items, as they involve minimum risk-taking factors. For example, promotional coffee mugs or writing products such as pens and notepads are best selling products.

On the other side, unique promotional products are popular to leave an unforgettable first impression on receivers. We all like something that stands out, right? If your target includes people who receive a lot of promotional products often, then opting for unique products would fit right. A few examples of distinctive promotional products would include: A Delux Poker set or maybe a Golf Essentials Pro Pack.

So, what is going to be your choice?
Unique products or bestselling products?

We would like to recommend Bic Promotional Pens if you are looking for absolutely inexpensive best sellers.

Happy choosing! :)

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Jun 11 2010

B2B tips on generating potential leads!

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Most business companies believe that B2B lead generation is a wonderful marketing tool to sell any products or services. Every company wishes to focus on acquiring more a list of potential customers to convert them eventually to customers. These potential customers, also known as leads, are people who are interested in your company or its products and services.

Following are a few ideas for your company to generate leads:

  • GIVE

Give away business promotional gifts at various events and occasions such as: tradeshows, meetings and conferences, exhibitions and other business get-togethers. Visit as many tradeshows and associated events in your vertical market, even if you have to travel abroad for it. Do not underestimate the capabilities of trade show promotional giveaways.

  • ASK

Do not hesitate to request for their personal details. You can ask your leads to fill out a form, in return for overwhelming business promotional items.


If you have a company website, voluntarily fuel conversations and announcements to interact with more and more people. Sharing information and ideas over the web is always recommended. Also, start nurturing your relationships with existing customers and fans via social media interactions.


Send across emails to existing customers, inviting them to your upcoming tradeshow and how they could avail your new free promotional giveaway products and other such advantages, if they decide to attend it. You could also send across a brochure or a catalog to potential customers, in order to elaborate on your company products and services.


This is probably the most significant step. Tracking and analyzing your efforts to acquire leads is extremely important to evaluate your performance and improve for the future.

So why wait?
Start now by choosing a promotional product!

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Jun 08 2010

The Versatility of Promotional Products

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There are hundreds of different promotional products available today. The primary idea behind promotional products giveaways is to promote your business by having your company name, logo, brand message or other contact information imprinted on them.Different kinds of target audience and their different preferences or likings are mainly responsible for the creation of new products everyday. For example, writing products are ideally given away to students and office-executives. Similarly, exclusive poker sets or golf apparels could work great as business promotional gifts for businessmen.


Now, the important point here is to share the awareness of choosing the right product amongst so many options. If you are new to the world of promotional business, we suggest you to do your research well, identify and understand your target audience; and most importantly choose an appropriate product.

We have an extensive range of products to probably satisfy any type of promotional needs and requirements. The versatility of promotional products extends over any budget too; from cost-effective items below $1 to exclusive gifts worth over $30. You can also decide over the extensive budget of a single type of product. For example, a standard ball-pen could be bought for $.50/each; whereas, a metal pen might come for $5/each.

You can choose from our standard stationary items or outdoor promotional items to the recently trending eco-friendly items. The choice is YOURS.

We are giving away free promotional catalogs.
So why wait? Place a request for a FREE CATALOG today!

Happy choosing! :)

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