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May 10 2010

Floating Keychain (24 Hour Rush)

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Promotional keychains are probably the second most renowned category of promotional giveaways in the world. For obvious reasons, as they are inexpensive, efficient, convenient and impactful. Gifting appealing keychains as trade show giveaways is also a successful solution to enhance your brand recognition amongst your target market.Multifunction keychains are more likely to be used by receivers as they serve more purposes apart from holding keys together. This in return, doubles the chance of receivers remembering your brand name effectively. Promo Direct would like to present such a multifunction keychain to enhance your promotional efforts: The Floating Keychain.

Keep you brand afloat with the new floating key chain, especially while you are out fishing, scouting and sporting. It is an ideal product for the outdoor or the boating industry. You can purchase this magnificent product at the cost as low as $1.39/per piece only.

In fact, if you decide to place an order before 1st of July, 2010; you can acquire these promotional keychains at an unbelievable cost as low as $1.25 only (maximum quantity: 2500). And for those who do not know already, we offer free artwork from our professional in-house art department.

Promotional keychains are a proven marketing tool to depict your artwork and message in front of customers and clients on a daily basis. Key chains are also great as trade show giveaways and are recommended by hundreds of companies across USA today.

So why wait?
Order the floating keychain today or visit for more promotional keychains or other trade show giveaways.

Happy promoting! :)

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May 08 2010

Let us LIGHT up your business!

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Promoting a brand successfully requires a well-defined strategy. A major aspect of a successful promotional-strategy could be opting for smart promotional products.Why not consider the option of giving out efficient, cost-effective and most importantly distinctive promotional products? For example: promotional lighters.

Promotional lighters are gaining popularity as they qualify to be source of a year-round promotion amongst existing as well as potential customers. These multi-purpose lighters can be useful for everyone, from housewives for kitchen purposes to businessmen who smoke. Anyone who has seen a lighter will know that lighters are usually imprinted with logos, pictures or some message.

In fact, ‘What’s on your lighter?’ is a frequently asked question by people in restaurants, pubs or cafes. Wouldn’t you love it, if the answer to that question was your company name?

The Multi-Purpose Lighter’ is as hot as your brand!
It has a long metal wand and it consists up to 750 lights along with a fluid level indicator. It also has a two-step ignition process with an automatic reset feature.

Not good enough?
Well, you can order these promotional lighters at the cost as low as $4.18 only, if you decide to buy them before 1st of July, 2010.

Promotional lighters travel everywhere, from restaurants, bars & cafes to various business events or get-togethers. And that means your business has the opportunity of getting brand exposure wherever it goes.

So why wait?
Let us light up your business today!

Order The Multi Purpose Lighter now!

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May 08 2010

Using customized themed products for brand promotion

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Every business tradeshow, exhibition, event or a campaign has a theme. Nearly all marketing campaigns focus on promoting the business through selling their respective products and services. However, they are backed by exclusive themes to promote the business in a particular way. Not all campaigns have the same theme even though they have similar products for a display. Using a promotional product that fits in the theme can create wonders. Your potential customers will appreciate your creativity and you will get higher chances to pursue them to buy your product. Here are 3 simple ways of using customized themed promotional items for brand promotion.

Customized Promotional Products


  • Reinforce the theme

A good theme can help create a buzz of your product or service. Keep your brand message and campaign theme consistent and let people notice you. The theme of your business campaign should be such that people would relate to it.

  • Choose the right promo product

Go for a promotional product that goes hand in hand with your theme. Some common yet useful promotional products like promotional pens, caps, mugs, notepads etc are accepted by all kinds of customers. Consider giving out eco-friendly products, especially if your business provides lifestyle solutions.

  • Customize the giveaway items

You should always get your giveaway items customized with your brand logo. Print your company information and a brand message on the promotional products you are aiming to give out. For e.g. if your theme is revolving around the importance of fitness, make sure you use appropriate colors and message to attract the prospective customers.

Let your brand get the maximum exposure with the customized themed promotional products. Your customers get the high-utility products to use while you get your brand message delivered faster than ever.

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May 07 2010

The Perfect Picnic Plate

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Hello there!If you are looking out for some distinctive imprinted promotional items, you must know that opting for products like pens, caps, mugs, t-shirts, etc. would not be recommended; because they are popular and a few of the most utilized customized promotional products of America.

Business is all about risk-taking, right? Well, our distinctive products are not really risk-factors. They are just unique and atypical, for that impressive impact on prospects over competitors.

We would like to recommend one such distinctive product to you:
The Perfect Picnic Plate.

Outdoor promotional products are extremely efficient for everyone and a promotional picnic plate could be really handy on a picnic or any small business trip. The perfect picnic plate is a handy item for your customers, employees and even clients. It holds an 8-1/2″ diameter plate and 2-1/2″ diameter cup or can, making it ideal for any event!

What else?
Well, if you decide to place an order before 1st of July, 2010; you can purchase this special item at the cost as low as $2.99 per plate only!

Picnics bring people together. In fact, we would suggest you to organize a friendly business outing with your employees, colleagues, clients and invite your existing and potential customers as well. Then watch these distinctive imprinted promotional items work wonders for your brand recognition and company image.

So are you still afraid of using such unique outdoor products?
If yes, don’t be. Just try them out, once at least.

Order The Perfect Picnic Plate today!

Have fun! :)

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May 07 2010

Using drinkware products for Brand Advertising

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Advertising instruments like promotional drinkware make your brand more popular amongst your target customers, especially during the warmer seasons. Drinkware is ideal for everyday use. Drinking vessels can be used for both indoor and outdoor activities as they are portable and you can count on their durability. Drinkware includes various useful items such as mugs, glasses, bottles, cups and tumblers. Know more about these high-utility promotional items.

  • Drinkware products are versatile and practical for multiple uses.
  • These products are available in a wide range of options where you can choose the kind of drinkware you require.
  • Drinkware is accepted by people of all ages because it is extremely useful for daily purpose.
  • Drinkware products are more in demand during the warmer seasons.
  • They are widely used throughout the year because of their long shelf life.

Drinkware Items are available in different varieties and thus, you can customize and advertise them based on the needs of the targeted market segment. Giving away promotional drinkware is a good and cost-effective option to consider for many indoor and outdoor events. Promotional drinkware offers maximum printing capacity and it should be used for imprinting a logo in an attractive manner. Get these products customized and use them as tradeshow giveaways at big events; they will surely get your brand the needed exposure.

Also see Primeline promotional items

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