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May 22 2010

Brand New Promotional Item for You

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Do you want to rapidly spread the information about any upcoming event or any announcement for your organization? Visit any local park and giveaway free imprinted Frisbees with your contact details to the people present there. It will definitely work as there are hundreds of people at a park usually.We are pleased to introduce a new promotional product USA (made in USA) to you:
The Confetti Flyer

Outdoor promotional products are great for sports and sports related events. Not only players but even the spectators are exposed to your promotional imprints on those outdoor items. Promotional Frisbees and flyers are one of the most universal products to bring your family and friends closer. It is a perfect combination of sports and leisure, and a pleasant way to pass time on a picnic or an outing with your loved ones.

Promotional flyers are one of the well-thought products to market your brand amongst various people constituting your target group. Many companies are giving away such outdoor items at tradeshows, ribbon cutting ceremonies or product launches, company picnics or gatherings and other such business events.

PromoDirect’s Confetti Flyer is made in the USA with a unique confetti design. But please note that the nature of the ‘confetti’ pattern is to be different on each flyer. We also recommend bold graphics to be imprinted on this product as fine lines or intricate logos may not be easily readable. (Imprint Area: 5 1/2” Diameter)

So why wait?
Buy the Confetti Flyer at the cost as low as $.92 per piece only!

Happy playing! :)

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May 21 2010

Flexible Key Tags (Heart)

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Promotional keychains are one of the most popular promotional giveaways utilized by American companies even today. Are you are wondering how this tiny item holds such importance in the promotional industry? Well, let me explain.Low-pricing is the vital criteria but that does not mean quality is meant to be sacrificed. Cost-effectiveness is what we all seek for and that is precisely what any promotional keyholder has to offer. Keychains are highly efficient, inexpensive and already popular. Apart from all that, this particular multifunctional product guarantees multiple brand exposure daily. Most of us happen to glance at our keychains at least once or twice a day, when we enter and exit our homes.

Promo Direct presents to you one such option out of many: Heart-shaped flexible key tags for your potential customers. These key tags serve as brilliant health promotional products and also idealistic tradeshow giveaways. You can also choose from a lot of other shapes to match your company’s preferences.

This particular key tag is made of flex-soft touch material with a 1” split-ring attachment. The exact size is 2 5/8”H x 2 ¼” W. You can customize them by imprinting your company-logo, artwork or any desired brand message and promote your business rapidly by giving them away to your target group of customers (Imprint Area: 7/8”H x 1”W).

All this at the cost as low as $0.47/per key-tag only!

So why wait? Order today!
And if you wish to have them as soon as possible, don’t worry. Production time is only 6 days.

Happy promoting! :)

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May 20 2010

Antibacterial Toothbrush Holder

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Do you believe in being unique, like one-of-a-kind? We do.
Do you believe in being distinctive and better than your competitors? We do.
And do you believe in taking risks? We do, too!If you are planning to giveaway personalized promotional items to enhance your business, why opt for an ordinary selection right? We would like to present one such distinctive promotional product to you; The Antibacterial Toothbrush Holder. And honestly, it is not even a risk-taking option.

Make existing and future customers think of you every single day by keeping their toothbrush clean! Healthcare products never let customers forget your company and create a positive perspective about you in their minds. Our exceptional Antibacterial Toothbrush Holder comes with a sanitary design and is approved by the FDA to be an antibacterial agent. It protects the toothbrush from contact with germs and other harmful surfaces. The suction-cup on the back allows it to attach to a mirror.

This resourceful tool is a great promotional giveaway at healthcare exhibitions or other tradeshows. It keeps your toothbrush within reach at home and is also handy while you travel.

You can imprint your artwork and brand message on these efficient items and purchase them at the cost as low as $1.03 only. Now, is that a commendable or not?

Why wait then?
Start caring for your customers right now.

Order The Antibacterial Toothbrush Holder today!

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May 19 2010

Keep Your Customers Stress Free With Promotional Stressballs

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Having a bad day?
Work stress can get really vicious at times, right?
Do not worry, we have a solution: Promotional Stressballs.Promotional stressballs make excellent promotional giveaways at all events, especially tradeshows. These custom stressballs primarily relieve your customers’ stress, fatigue or anxiety. They can also be used to exercise the muscles of their hands. But their secondary role of promoting your business could play a vital role in building its brand image. Giving away imprinted stressballs could promote your company amongst potential customers, colleagues, competitors and other well-wishers.

Imprinted Promotional Stress Balls – The Best Giveaway Product

A stress ball is a squeezable foam product which can be attained in various shapes, colors and sizes. They say medical stressballs were created to help increase the strength in the user’s fingers and other muscles of the hand. We have a diversified range of promotional stressballs from the standard and basic stressball to other exclusive ones such as: football or basketball shaped stressball for the sporty ones, heart and apple shaped balls for the hospital industry; and a few others.

Why distribute these stressballs?
Well, one of the best qualities of such toys is to combine business with some fun. Your imprinted artwork and brand message keeps advertising your company whenever the user decided to use the stressball. They also act as an ice breaker for conversations with your new clients.

So why wait?
Bid goodbye to your stress concerning promotional activities.

Order Promotional Stressballs today!

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May 18 2010

Tri-Pocket Flap Messenger

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Promotional bags are undoubtedly one of the most spotted, renowned and utilized personalized promotional items even today. Promotional bags double up as walking billboards along with being stylish and efficient accessories. They might serve many purposes ranging from carrying office stationary and files to any other preferable stuff. However choosing an appropriate multi-functional bag could be the right promotional choice for you.

Purchasing promotional items may not be as easy as you think. Promoting your business via efficient products is necessary as those products might end up being used for a longer time. Promo Direct understand the importance of giving away inventive products to potential customers and other promotional targets. Thus, we suggest you to check out The Tri-Pocket Flap Messenger.

The Tri-Pocket Flap Messenger is an ideal gift for all your corporate customers. It has multiple compartments to keep all your belongings organized. It has a front slip pocket, two pen pockets, a front flap Velcro closure and a mesh water bottle pocket. It also has a carrying handle along with a shoulder strap for carrying it conveniently. It is made from a material called 600 Denier Poly Canvas and you can successfully imprint your multicolor brand artworks on them.

Promotional bags are ideal for tradeshow giveaway, business events and other company promotional activities but our Tri-Pocket Flap Messenger is rather perfect.

So why wait?
Order it today!

Happy bagging this opportunity! :)

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