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Apr 13 2010

Giveaway Jackets and Sweatshirts For That Unforgettable First Impression

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Distributing free apparels as promotional giveaways has proven to be a great initiative over the years. It embarks an unforgettable first impression on your customers and enforces brand recall over competitors whenever your customers wear such apparels. Your brand gets noticed every time people see the customized apparel.

Have you seen a promotional T shirt with a brand logo and a message on it? If the answer is yes then you must be aware of the impact such imprinted t-shirts can create. Promotional T shirts are probably the most widely utilized apparels. Customizing these promotional apparels distinctively, creatively and appropriately for your specific target audience is extremely necessary. T-shirts are used by everyone; however, a trendy design gets more response.

Check out our range of imprinted promotional jackets and sweatshirts. Our jackets are very popular in the promotional apparel category as they can be customized completely as per your requirements. Choose from value fleece jackets, hooded or zip hooded sweatshirts or crewneck sweatshirts. These jackets and sweatshirts are available in various colors such as black, blue, orange, gray, etc. to meet your preferences. These jackets and sweatshirts can be used for team building, press conferences, fundraising events, significant company launches or other such business events.

These promotional apparel are very inexpensive. You can order them at the cost as low as $14.68.

To view a large variety of Promotional Apparels for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Apr 12 2010

Free Catalog of Promotional Products

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If you’re a businessman, you must have come across promotional catalogs. When any advertising activity is planned for brand promotion, a product catalog is taken into consideration as catalogs help in giving a clearer picture of the market position of the brand.

A catalog is a book, pamphlet or a directory that contains variety of systematically arranged products, which are accumulated or listed for business purposes. For example, an industrial company can have all its machinery and related services, along with new updates listed on a pamphlet for its existing and potential customers.

Catalogs have taken new dimensions over the years as marketers keep experimenting to compete against each other. Promo Direct believes in developing a unique product catalog, which suits your budget, interest and needs. Free catalog provided by Promo Direct offers some additional benefits. It is made specifically to fit demands, requirements and limitations of everyone.

Our catalog comprises of 148 pages with hundreds of different products to match your preferences and your promotional budget. From downright inexpensive products to esteemed and exclusive ones, you name it and we get it for you!

That’s not all. These products have been clubbed with special promotional offers and discounts. Plus, you get $50 OFF the moment you create an account with us.

This catalog will be mailed to you within 24 hours after you fill our Catalog Request Form.

So why wait?
Don’t you wish to see our extensive range of products?

To view a large variety of Promotional Items for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Apr 08 2010

Travel Companion Pack – Courteous Way to promote your Brand

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So, you have made a plan to travel to your favorite destination? Let’s make a quick check list before you start packing your luggage.
Magazines? Check.
MP3 player? Check.
Camera? Check
Shades and lenses? Check.
Wallet? Check.
First aid travel companion? …Not yet thought of it?

Wherever you go, carrying a travel companion is necessary. A travel companion pack contains standard medicines, bandages, napkin, needle, thread card and other such items that fall under the category of personal health care. You never know when you need any of the items included in the companion pack, and thus, it is prudent to keep one with you, especially when you are planning a tour.

There are various types of promotional healthcare products available today to show your customers that you care for them. People frequently travel to different distant locations these days and it is extremely important for them to carry a useful kit which is compact, efficient and handy. Our travel companion pack is portable and can also prove as an ideal promotional gift for the corporate executives who are constantly on the move.

Our Travel Companion Pack provides following benefits

• Wallet style vinyl case made in the USA
• Contents include – 11 pieces of Anacin(R) packet, antacid packet, 2 bandages, 2 buttons, clean nap, needle, Original Balm Argenta (R) lotion packet, a safety pin and thread cards (9 colors)
• Product Size is 3-15/16″w x 2-1/2″h x 1/2″d, and it includes latex-free bandages

This travel companion pack is a great first aid kit that can be used for all travel purposes. It also makes an excellent conventional gift for your existing customers. Customize it by imprinting your brand logo along with a message and take a step ahead to make your customer’s travel experience enjoyable and hassle-free.

To view a large variety of Promotional Healthcare Products for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Apr 07 2010

Flavored Lip Balm – Simply Delicious!

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Protecting your skin against harmful sun rays is very important, especially during warmer seasons like spring. Lip balms protect your lips in a great way and that’s why they are preferred as promotional products to be given away at big tradeshows that happen during the spring season.

Many of you might argue that promotional lip balms are not specifically meant for the spring season, however, most of us use lip balms more frequently when the weather is warmer. Lip balms are extremely useful and they are available in various delicious flavors. These handy and cost-effective promotional items leave behind remarkable first impression in customer’s mind.

Opting for an exceptional promotional giveaway depicts that the brand believes in approaching the target market in a right way. Competition between businesses is very intense these days and thus, it is beneficial to be one step ahead of competitors in order to stand out in the competition. And if you’re planning to opt for an exceptional products, why not consider flavored lip balms?

We, at Promo Direct, would like to present to you one of our best selling product – the World’s best tasting lip balm. That’s right, it is the world’s best tasting lip balm and it’s undoubtedly delicious! PABA free sun protection moisturizer combats dryness and chapping as it contains Aloe Vera and Vitamin E, along with SPF 15 and it is also FDA approved including both, UVA and UVB protectors.

You can buy these lip balms at the cost as low as $.82 only!
You simply need to imprint your company’s artwork or any desired message on the lip balms and distribute them amongst potential or existing customers to enhance your brand recall amongst them.

To view a large variety of Promotional Lip Balm for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Apr 06 2010

Value Economy Tote – Always useful and always appreciated!

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Promotional tote bags created from recyclable material are extremely popular due to the current trend of utilizing reusable, eco-friendly products. Recycling involves conversion of used materials into new products. The process of recycling helps in many ways. It reduces the consumption of raw materials, pollution levels go down and conservation of energy takes place.
Tote bags have the capability of replacing hundreds of disposable plastic or paper bags used by just one person throughout a year. These promotional items are cost-effective, environmentally-friendly and practical for daily use. They are handy and can make good fashion accessories. So, why not be more responsible towards protecting the environment by using these bags?Giving away tote bags as promotional gifts at various business events such as tradeshows or conferences could benefit your brand image. Targeting potential customers with such a caring approach about the environment could work wonders for your brand. You simply need to give them away with an inspiring message that underlines the importance of going green.

You can choose from our extensive range of tote bags with over 100 options or opt for our value economy tote available at a price as low as $2.27 only! These bags are also available in various vibrant colors such as black, orange, pink, purple, classic red, forest green, etc. You can customize these promotional tote bags by imprinting an artwork, logo and any desired tagline or a message.

Like we said, value economy tote is always useful and always appreciated!
So, why wait? Go green by ordering your set of tote bags today!

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To view a large variety of Promotional Tote Bags for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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