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Apr 20 2010

Promotional Toys and Novelties: All Work & All Play!

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For all those kids and kids-at-heart, we would like to present these promotional toys and other novelties to you. These products might seem unlikely giveaways but toys or games are successful advertising novelties which never fail to grab customer attention. And, if you think these items are appreciated only by children, think again. Adults might like these novelties as much as they do.
These promotional novelty items are ideal for a quick stress relief. Toys can easily reduce stress and cheer everybody up. These promotional items are also worth having for some joy and entertainment. For example, instead of wasting those 15 minutes on having a cigarette and ruining your health, you can take a 20-minute-break to play cards or relax by playing with a yo-yo instead. These are the best giveaway products to consider for distributing at the events planned for children.

You can choose from a range of such inexpensive promotional items such as Plastic Yo-Yos as low as $.99 each, electro balls as low as $2.18 each and other reasonably priced toy cars, stuffed teddy bears or other cute animals, etc. These product giveaways are portable and light-weight. We also recommend the Glimmer Light Up Pen for that perfect playful corporate gift you’ve been searching for.

These promotional item giveaways are often used to capture potential customers for motivation purposes. These are also handed out as freebies at various tradeshows or exhibitions.

So why wait?
All you have to do is place your order and customize these items with your company artwork and desired message. It’s time to change your promotional items ideas!

Happy Playing! :)

To view a large variety of other Toys and Novelties for your brand promotion, please visit our website at


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Apr 19 2010

Promotional Candies & Other Food Items

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Here is a sweet technique to promote your brand, literally very sweet. Promotional candies, chocolates and other sweet items are ideal corporate gifts for almost every target audience.Who wouldn’t like receiving chocolates or candies as gifts, right?Promotional sweets qualify for various occasions or events such as corporate parties, business get-togethers, product launches, anniversaries, conferences or meetings, etc. Instead of serving desserts or maybe after dessert, why not distribute handful of candies wrapped with your company’s logo on it? Promo Direct offers you not only sweets but really tasty ones indeed, so that your guests could look forward to the end of their meals.

We have an exclusive range of jelly beans, mints, lollipops, chocolate almonds, cookies, toffees, etc. All you have to do is imprint your company artwork and any desired message on the wrapper or a classy wooden box to impress potential customers, colleagues or even competitors.

You can opt for inexpensive skittles treat packet at the cost as low as $.33 each or probably mints at $1 each, for ordinary occasions. For special occasions or exclusive festivals, we have assortments of gourmet cookies, jumbo cashews and other specialty items to establish that unforgettable impression on to-be-customers or other loved ones.

We suggest you not to underestimate the power of these personalized business products in building your brand’s goodwill or reputation. From special occasions like Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s Day to simple ones like anniversaries or other celebrations; these sweets are perfect to distribute practically any time of the year.

Also see Tagmaster promotional products

So why wait?

Have a SWEET day! :)

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Apr 17 2010

Ideal gift for women: Sliding mirror with light

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If your target group comprises of only women and if you were supposed to give away advertising merchandise to them, the first idea that would come to your mind would be cosmetics or maybe something that could land up in their bags or purses, right? Marketing your company by opting for something that favorably appeals to your target audience is indeed a smart choice.

You can find various promotional novelties for women on our website but now we are presenting one of our most esteemed products: a sliding mirror with light, which can be customized accordingly by imprinting your company artworks. The cool sliding feature embarks a pleasant impact on users and that is not all, the light turns on when the case is slid to open. Way to impress the ladies, right!

This trendy pocket-sized mirror is also available in four different colors such as metallic blue, metallic gold, metallic red and metallic silver to match your preferences. Just imprint your company logo with a creatively targeted message and spread your brand’s charm amongst them. Such exclusive marketing materials are usually expensive but this sliding mirror with light can be purchased at the cost as low as $2.69.

Ladies are known to use such mirrors multiple times during the day. Grab this opportunity and enhance your brand recognition or recall by staying in their purses for a long time.

So why wait? Place your order today!
A customer care executive will review your order and contact you to confirm before your order goes into production.

Good luck impressing the ladies!

To view a large variety of other promotional light items for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Apr 15 2010

Promotional Post-it Items: Sticking Your Brand Around

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Corporate gifts can provide your company with a chance to promote yourself conveniently, sustainably and most importantly efficiently. Just by choosing the right products or sometimes even a popular brand could work wonders for your promotional initiative. Post-it is a renowned brand when it comes to notes, notebooks and related items. With a trusted brand like that, everybody is certain about getting supreme quality and an appealing range of office products.

There are various advantages of opting for imprinted post-it products. Firstly, they are extremely inexpensive which makes them downright affordable by all companies. You can order one at the cost as low as $.25 only. Secondly, these items are available in various colors, shapes, sizes and types; making them adaptable to various preferences and company requirements. You can order for a particular color as per your company logo or house colors, or probably a distinctive shape or size to stand out over competitors.

Choose from classic post-it notes to medium post-it die-cut notes in shapes of apples, flags, heart, telephone or even a computer to satisfy your creative strategy. All you have to do is imprint your logo, a message or maybe even contact details on these promotion materials and have them showcased on various office-desks.

So why wait?
Let us start sticking post-its everywhere for your brand name to stick around forever.

It is one of the best ways to enhance brand recall amongst businesses and other corporate executives. Pick your choice from our wide collection of post-it items including the traditional ‘Canary Yellow’ (3” H X 4”) notes.

Happy Sticking! :)

To view a large variety of Post-It & Stick-It Items for your brand promotion, please visit our website at www.promodirect.

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Apr 14 2010

Ideal Gift for Everyone: Chocolate Almonds with Gift Box

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Who does not like chocolates?
Well, almost all of us do. Don’t we

They say chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t even need a fixed time or an appointment for it. Promotional chocolates are ideal gifts as they are relished by everyone, including different groups of people like children, teenagers, young adults and even seniors. Corporate businessmen are no exceptions to that, which makes these chocolates perfect corporate gifts as well.

Sending across such specialty items in a slick and classy box could embark a remarkably pleasant impression on those corporate potentials. When someone receives this box of delicious chocolate almonds, he or she will turn consciously aware about your business; which eventually might add some spice to the annual revenue of your company too. Corporate giveaways enhance your goodwill; increases brand recognition or recall and even overall sales in the long run.

Customize your chocolate box by imprinting the company logo, contact details or also an impressive quotation for maximum impact on receivers. All you have to do is call us and place an order. Don’t worry; we want your order done right. A customer care representative will review your order and contact you for confirmation before your order goes into production.

Many entrepreneurs have already adapted chocolates in order to allure the attention of new potential customers. You can outstand them by sending across these colossal, freshly toasted California almonds covered in rich chocolate instead.

So why wait?

Happy gifting! :)

To view a large variety of Corporate and Business Gifts for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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