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Promotional Toys and Novelties: All Work & All Play!

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For all those kids and kids-at-heart, we would like to present these promotional toys and other novelties to you. These products might seem unlikely giveaways but toys or games are successful advertising novelties which never fail to grab customer attention. And, if you think these items are appreciated only by

Promotional Candies & Other Food Items

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Here is a sweet technique to promote your brand, literally very sweet. Promotional candies, chocolates and other sweet items are ideal corporate gifts for almost every target audience.Who wouldn’t like receiving chocolates or candies as gifts, right?Promotional sweets qualify for various occasions or events such as corporate parties, business

Ideal gift for women: Sliding mirror with light

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If your target group comprises of only women and if you were supposed to give away advertising merchandise to them, the first idea that would come to your mind would be cosmetics or maybe something that could land up in their bags or purses, right? Marketing your company by

Promotional Post-it Items: Sticking Your Brand Around

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Corporate gifts can provide your company with a chance to promote yourself conveniently, sustainably and most importantly efficiently. Just by choosing the right products or sometimes even a popular brand could work wonders for your promotional initiative. Post-it is a renowned brand when it comes to notes, notebooks and

Ideal Gift for Everyone: Chocolate Almonds with Gift Box

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Who does not like chocolates? Well, almost all of us do. Don’t we They say chocolate is cheaper than therapy and you don’t even need a fixed time or an appointment for it. Promotional chocolates are ideal gifts as they are relished by everyone, including different groups of people

Giveaway Jackets and Sweatshirts For That Unforgettable First Impression

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Distributing free apparels as promotional giveaways has proven to be a great initiative over the years. It embarks an unforgettable first impression on your customers and enforces brand recall over competitors whenever your customers wear such apparels. Your brand gets noticed every time people see the customized apparel. Have

Free Catalog of Promotional Products

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If you’re a businessman, you must have come across promotional catalogs. When any advertising activity is planned for brand promotion, a product catalog is taken into consideration as catalogs help in giving a clearer picture of the market position of the brand. A catalog is a book, pamphlet or

Travel Companion Pack – Courteous Way to promote your Brand

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So, you have made a plan to travel to your favorite destination? Let’s make a quick check list before you start packing your luggage. Magazines? Check. MP3 player? Check. Camera? Check Shades and lenses? Check. Wallet? Check. First aid travel companion? …Not yet thought of it? Wherever you go,

Flavored Lip Balm – Simply Delicious!

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Protecting your skin against harmful sun rays is very important, especially during warmer seasons like spring. Lip balms protect your lips in a great way and that’s why they are preferred as promotional products to be given away at big tradeshows that happen during the spring season. Many of

Value Economy Tote – Always useful and always appreciated!

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Promotional tote bags created from recyclable material are extremely popular due to the current trend of utilizing reusable, eco-friendly products. Recycling involves conversion of used materials into new products. The process of recycling helps in many ways. It reduces the consumption of raw materials, pollution levels go down and conservation