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Apr 24 2010

3 steps to use Coffee Mugs for Brand Promotion

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Advertising your brand through useful promotional products like mugs is a good idea to get your brand noticed every time these mugs are used to have beverages like coffee or hot chocolate. Coffee mugs are used everywhere. They are a basic necessity. Coffee mugs are handy and people like to receive them as gifts because they are durable. You can promote your brand using these custom ceramic coffee mugs in 3 simple steps. Read on to know more about endorsing brand through these high-utility items.

  • Add a touch of creativity

Make sure you go for full-color coffee mugs with vibrant shades. Add a cheerful message that is nice to read every morning while drinking coffee. Customized these mugs with your brand logo and slogan and give them out to your customers, clients or business associates.

  • Use Coffee Mugs as Business Gifts

Ceramic mugs or stainless steel mugs can be given out as personalized business gifts at the corporate events or meetings. Mugs can be placed on the office desks and an attractive looking one helps in decorating the desk in a better way. These printed glassware are perfect items that are helpful in expanding your brand effectively.

  • Mugs for the travelers

People who are always on the move use mugs on a regular basis. Salesmen, students, insurance executives need to use the coffee mugs quite often. Moreover, frequent travelers also prefer to carry around their own mugs wherever they travel. Give them the mugs designed with eye-catching travel images related to enjoyment and fun. They will definitely appreciate your efforts and remember you.

Thus, get these low-cost items customized with your brand logo and company information and give them out. Your brand is sure to win the much needed attention.

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Apr 24 2010

Promotional Cats Meow Clock

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What time is it?
No. It is promotion time!
Well, I was just trying to emphasize on promotional clocks.Clocks and watches are ideal imprinted promotional items which bring by success and fame to companies over some amount of time. Promotional gifts are the right choice to attract new target audience, spread brand awareness and influence sales in the long run; but choosing an ideal product is very essential and promotional clocks and watches are smart choices.

Clocks have been a major part of our lives. From being school or college students, office going executives or as businessmen, we usually glance at the clock repeatedly before leaving home and also the watch frequently during the day. As adults, clocks help us schedule our various plans. Replacing these usual clocks with custom imprint promotional clocks could boost your brand’s recognition and recall amongst many people.

For example, if you decide to giveaway desk-clocks to various businessmen or corporate executives, many other colleagues could spot your company’s artwork on it, which in turn would generate brand awareness.

We recommend The Cats Meow Clock for that unforgettable first impression, because it is cool, trendy and fun! Your target group can show off their style with this retro looking desk clock. You can also opt for FREE artwork services from our professional in-house art department. And that is not all; you can purchase these clocks at an unbelievable cost as low as $3.13.

Now, isn’t that purr-fect?
So what are you waiting for? Order now!

Yay, happy times! : )

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Apr 23 2010

Promotional Hipster Cell Phone Holder

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The variety of promotional items has been extending day by day. Nowadays, you can choose from multiple categories and hundreds of different products and customize them accordingly as per your company preferences.You can opt for inexpensive marketing materials for small business or exclusive items for your niche target audience. But the easiest way to a successful promotion is by opting for a smart product after thorough research. For example, nowadays everybody carries a cell phone which can double up as your promoter. Didn’t quite understand? Well, let me explain.

A cell phone is an excellent source of brand depiction to increase its recognition and awareness amongst unexplored target groups. These phones easily get laid on office desks, conference tables, kitchen counters, at home or at the gold course or simply in people’s hands; almost everywhere indeed.

Imagine hundreds of phones having your company’s logo and message on them. It will reach out to a lot of people, wouldn’t it? We have a solution. How about a customized promotional case to be given away to whomsoever possible?

Promo Direct presents to you the Hipster Cell Phone Holder, a cell phone logo merchandise, which can also hold most electronic accessories apart from cell phones; for example an iPod or probably other MP3 players. It clips to belts, purses or even bags and it is very reasonably priced. You can imprint your company’s artwork and purchase one at the cost as low as $1.43 only and you can also opt for the 24-hour rush service for quick delivery.

So why wait?
Place your order today!

Happy promoting! : )

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Apr 22 2010

Celebrate World Earth Day With Eco-Friendly Products

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World Earth Day falls on 22nd April every year and we celebrate this special day in different ways. We make resolutions to keep the environment healthy. We take pledges and promise each other that we will diligently act towards creating a greener environment. However, to make the planet greener and healthier, we need to take small yet effective actions that can bring the necessary changes. Using eco-friendly products is one of the best ways to make your contribution towards maintaining the ecological balance. There are some useful eco-friendly products you can consider such as bags, drink ware, flashlights, notepads, magnets etc.
Eco-friendly products help in the conservation of green energy which can be reused easily. Make sure you use recycled or biodegradable products for daily use. This will help in cutting down the pollution levels and the surroundings will stay protected against the harmful damages. Make a resolution of using at least one eco-friendly product and plant at least one tree every year.

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Apr 21 2010

A Deluxe Poker Set for a Win-Win Promotion!

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Why settle for ordinary or those usual business gifts which have been utilized by hundreds of companies already? It is time to stand out amongst competitors. Some companies use pens, some use apparels while some look out for best-sellers. But if your company wants to embark an unforgettable impression on the corporate customers, you have to think of giving some business promotional gifts. Why don’t you check this out!Presenting a ‘Deluxe Poker Set’ for a win-win promotion! That’s right, a winning promotional innovation indeed. Poker is an extremely popular game and that is one of the main reasons for you to opt for it. A poker set is a great business promotional item as it can get your brand noticed wherever your customers carry the set. Give it away as a business promotional product and see the kind of customer response you get. Since people, who receive such business gifts, end up loving it. Your poker set can create the similar impact.

People love playing poker and companies distributing them as personalized business items know that they are certainly going to be used. And when they are being used, your company visibility and recall increases and prospers. So don’t forget to imprint your brand logo and information for people to contact you whenever a need arises.

The Deluxe Poker set from Promo Direct, features 300 pieces of 11.5 gram-casino-sized supreme quality poker chips along with two decks of regulation poker cards, 5 red dice and all this packed inside an extremely durable and classy aluminum case, lined with plush foam and imprinted with your brand artwork.

All this for an unbelievable cost as low as $34.49 each, which is a better deal than other promotional products distributors would ever offer you.

Don’t you think that is absolutely impressive? So why wait?
RAISE your promotion to the next level. :)

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