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Apr 28 2010

Create a strong brand identity by promoting your brand online

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Creating a powerful brand identity is essential for a healthy growth of the brand. The first impression created by your brand should be good enough for your customers to remember you for a longer period of time. To create that first good impression, you need to have your brand marketing strategy in place. One of the most effective yet economical ways to build a brand identity is to develop a sound website. Read more to know about the online activities you can execute to endorse your brand.

Improve Your Brand Identity
  • Create a reliable website

It is important to develop a website that guides the customer appropriately at each step. It should be a well-designed website with minimum loopholes. The communication should be clear and up-to-date. A website should have a solution-oriented approach.

  • Optimize your website

Get your website optimized with the help of Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing Tools. Make sure that your website includes quality content and useful information. Incorporate relevant keywords in the content; it will help you improve the ranking of the website.

  • Spread the word

Use networking tools to deliver your brand message through your website. Create a company account on the social networking websites like Twitter, Facebook, You Tube etc and keep promoting your business updates on a regular basis. Once you create a buzz, your brand will get the needed exposure.

Capture the online space to take your brand to the next level.

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Apr 27 2010

How to use Personal Care Products Effectively to Promote Your Brand

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Health is wealth. Health care products or personal care products are used by everyone. Health care is also known as medical management of personal diseases or illnesses. And, health care products help in treating minor ailments and illnesses. Health-related issues have become a matter of concern and people try to seek immediate medical help whenever required. Using these health promotional items as giveaways can help you get your brand noticed effectively. Some common yet useful health and personal care products like sanitizers, hand-lotions, sunscreen-lotions, liquid soaps, bandages, pedometers, pill boxes, stress relievers, first-aid kits etc are well accepted by the users. We provide you a list of 5 best selling personal care products that can help you spread your brand message faster than ever.

Solution For Your Brand
  • Sanitizers

Custom hand sanitizers help in cleaning the hands quickly. Sanitizers come in small bottles that are handy and portable. Get your brand logo imprinted on these bottles and give them out.

  • Sun-screen lotions and Lip Balms

Give your skin the needed protection during the warmer seasons. Lotions and lip balms containing Aloe Vera, Vitamin E along with SPF 15 protect your skin and lips in a great way. Customize them with your company information and give them out at tradeshows.

  • Medical Kit

First-aid kits or pill boxes are the much needed products to tackle sudden emergencies or mishaps. Get these useful items embossed with the brand logo and message and use them as promotional giveaways at healthcare events.

  • Stress Relievers

Managing stress is quite easy with stress relievers like stress balls and other such items. You can use these inexpensive yet extremely practical items for promoting your brand at tradeshows and health care events.

  • Pedometer

Promote the importance of fitness through giving away promotional pedometers. Logo imprinted pedometers help people keep a track of the miles covered and motivates them to walk more.

Also see Sweda pedometer

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Apr 26 2010

Get Your Quotation in Just 15 minutes

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That’s right! Get your quotation immediately after placing a request, in about 15 minutes.
Now isn’t that wonderful?Promo Direct is renowned in the field of imprinted promotional products and our promotional services have always been appreciated by our esteemed customers. We believe in providing supreme quality custom promotional products and 100% customer satisfaction is what we aim for.

So, now presenting one of our most praiseworthy promotional services:
The 15 Minute Quote Request

All you have to do is fill out a simple form, with details like your name and contact details, and we will call you as soon as possible with your instant quote. Maybe before you close that window or finish your coffee!

If you wish to fill the form now or simply want to have a look at it: Click here.

If you are new to Promo Direct, kindly visit for further information. We are leading distributors of an extensive variety of imprinted promotional products such as promotional apparels, tradeshow giveaways or other corporate gifts, writing products, etc. You may ask for anything and we might have it. Our range of custom promotional products can also be customized according to your company preferences with its artwork imprinted on them.

So why wait?
Acquire your instant quote today!

Please note: if you are inquiring before or after our regular business hours of 6:30 AM to 4:30 PM PST (Monday to Friday), then we will contact you first thing on the next business day.

Start promoting your business with the power of promotional products and watch it grow yourself.

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Apr 25 2010

Imprinted Promotional Stress Balls

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Promoting a brand requires distinctive creativity. Opting for unique and efficient promotional products could work wonders for your company, for example: stress balls. Stress balls are soft and squeezable toys which are used for relieving stress and the muscle tension in your hand. Promotional stress ballsare fun items, worth to be shared with your potential customers and everybody else for a joyful first impression.
We all suffer some kind of stress in our lives. Promotional stress balls can be used by every age-group, from office executives to college students and other top-notch businessmen. People tend to remember useful promotional giveawaysvery well which in return benefits for your brand image. We have a massive collection of imprinted stress balls, available in different sizes, shapes and colors to match your preferences or customization ideas.You can choose from promotional stress balls shaped like footballs, basketballs, baseballs, etc. or opt for standard balls available in red, yellow, green, blue, white, etc. All this, at an unbelievable cost as low as $.85 per ball. Now, isn’t that wonderful?

You can also opt for goofy stress balls for young customers or balls shaped like an apple or a heart which can be used for healthcare promotion. You can use these inexpensive yet extremely practical items for promoting your brand at tradeshows, health care events or other business events. We want to make sure that our customers live a hassle-free and peaceful life. Don’t you?

Also see stress balls by Prime Line

Take it easy, you all! :)

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Apr 25 2010

How to use Spring season effectively to promote your brand

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Spring brings delightful weather and people prefer to plan outdoor activities to enjoy the warmer environment. Beach picnics, sports activities, parties and events are organized throughout this season. People are more active during the Spring time and thus, it is the best time to give away spring promotional products that help in endorsing the brand. People are very much in need of these products and feel happy on receiving them for free of cost. Following are the 5 best outdoor promotional items to consider for successful brand advertising.

Increase Your Spring Sales
  • Coolers

The weather turns warm during this season and people carry around their favorite drinks for beach sports and parties. Giving out customized cooler bags or coolers will help them store the food and beverages in their ideal temperature and will get your brand noticed.

  • Folding Chairs

Folding chairs are extremely convenient and portable. They are ideal for outdoor use and offer the required comfort. Logo Imprinted folding chairs are the best promotional items to be considered during the Spring time.

  • Umbrellas

Umbrellas are not just meant for the rainy season. Umbrellas cover you against the harsh rays of sun and offer protection. Promotional umbrellas are one of the cost-effective promotional giveaways to consider during the warmer weather.

  • High Flyer Disks

Flying disks are the most popular instruments used while playing on the beach. These fun instruments are handy and light-weighted items to be used for brand promotion. Get them customized with your brand logo and let your brand fly.

  • Water Bottles

Water bottles are handy and can be refilled whenever required. Moreover, they are the practical spring products as they keep the body hydrated. Use custom bottles as your marketing instruments to connect better with your customers.

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