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Mar 07 2010

Imprinted Promotional Bags – Help Your Brand Last Long

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Different variety of quality bags for Brand Promotion

Every company comes across the dilemma, at least once, of deciding over which particular promotional product to go with. Promotional bags are one of the ideal promotional products utilized by various companies already, mainly for its efficiency, attractiveness and first impression on users. Bags are certainly one of the best types of corporate gifts for your customers, clients, business associates at all corporate events.

The most significant characteristic of bags are its usability. The longer your bags are used, the longer your promotion lasts. Cost effectiveness is another advantage of buying such promotional bags. For example, if you opt to imprint your logo and message on paper promotional bags, you’d pay an estimate of only 0.50$ for each.

Variety is another plus point when it comes to promotional bags. You can choose from hundreds of available colors, styles and sizes. Mobility is also great benefit which makes these bags handy and portable for users wherever they go.

Tote bags and plastic promotional bags are highly beneficial especially if you’re running your own business, where giving away these bags could boast about your brand’s existence. These bags generally possess higher perceived value when compared to other items such as pens, notepads or key-chains.

Promotional bags are renowned to always win brand promotions and advertisements. This is solely because of their wider application amongst people as every person is found using bags of one brand or the other.

Just remember, Promo Direct promises you quality, style and a widely diversified selection of bags to choose from in order to fit all your needs.

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Happy Promoting!

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Mar 04 2010

Recycled Paper Pencils & Pens – Best For Eco Friendly Promotion

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This is the era where the environmental concern is at its peak level. We all must implement serious measures, in whatever way possible, to support eco-friendliness. Purchasing eco friendly promotional products is one responsible choice made by businessmen today, to contribute in our earth’s welfare.

Marketing experts strongly believe that these products have the capability to establish long term relationships with clients. By utilizing these promotional items, you’re certainly going to end up enhancing your company’s overall reputation and recognition.

Writing products are one of the most popular kinds of promotional items, but opting for eco-friendly pens & pencils or notepads made of recycled paper could enhance your brand-reputation even further.

Recycled Notebooks reduce carbon footprint on the environment and they are also very cost-effective, making it an ideal gift in corporate events, conferences, exhibitions and business meetings. Choose from our section of eco-friendly notepads and customize them with your logo and a moralistic message for users.

We also recommend you to opt for our eco friendly promotional pens to enhance your brand image. These pens are also inexpensive, which comes as an added benefit. Or go for the recycled bags which are extremely popular amongst corporate companies.

You can also choose from our extensive range of eco-friendly drink ware, magnets, flashlights and other office items and tradeshow giveaways.

So, why wait?
Show everyone that you genuinely care about the environment and make the smart choice of adapting eco promotional items in your promotional activities from today itself!

Happy Going Green!

To view the best of Recyclable and Eco Friendly promotional products, please visit our website at

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Mar 03 2010

Significance of Bic Clic Stic for Brand Promotion

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Gifting pens is one the oldest forms of business advertising and Bic advertising pens work better than any other pen does. It has successfully managed its position at being a classic promotional pen of all time. The Bic Clic Stic is undoubtedly the leading brand of pens in the promotional industry.

In fact, if your promotional strategy falls right, a promotional pen can prove to be priceless. Speaking about price, these pens, on the contrary are extremely cost effective and affordable. They are small, trendy and most importantly efficient. Everybody in the business world uses them incessantly and frequently while signing cheques and documents, making notes, etc.

These customized business pens come in a wide range of vibrant colors to match your personal or company related preferences. These pens are also very durable, so don’t be surprised if it ends up staying longer in your pocket than you expect.

Bic Click Stic pens fall under the category of best-selling promotional products. It matches your requirements from being an inexpensive giveaway to an upscale classic product.

No matter what your target audience is, choosing a promotional item carefully and accordingly will result in a happy ending.

All you have to do is add your company name, logo and other contact related information or desired messages to a pen and establish or enhance your company’s brand recognition.

Custom writing sets will allow the users to remember you every time that pen is pulled out of their briefcases, purses or pockets.

So, why wait?

Just place your order online and ‘WRITE’ your success story today!

Happy Promoting!

To view quality and cost effective Bic Clic Stic promotional pens, please visit our website at

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