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Mar 17 2010

Free Artwork Logo Imprint – Only By Promo Direct

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Creating impressive brand recognition or recall could be attained by simplistic measures of imprinting your logo and message appropriately on Promotional Products. Appropriate measures would include making the artwork look extremely attractive and eye-catching. Otherwise the idea of imprinting promotional items could become entirely void.

If you don’t have the artworks ready, you need not worry. All you have to do is send across an email or a disk after placing your order, with your logos and other brand related designs. We will create a print-ready artwork for your desired imprinted promotional product for FREE.

Other distributors charge up to an average of 50 dollars but we certainly care for your promotional initiatives more. And we would like it to be perfect, just like you do.

Thus, we’d do it for free.
Yes, that’s right.
No, we’re not kidding.

We can produce these print-ready artworks by merely utilizing your letter heads, business cards, computer generated art or faxed art. Speaking of fax art, please note: While faxing your art to us, kindly enlarge your logo as big as possible for better reproduction. Before placing your order into production, you will receive a FREE faxed document of your artwork for your final approval. We will design it just way you wish to.

Promo Direct thrives to make your experience with our imprinted promotional items useful, successful and most importantly worthy. Choose from our extensive range of promotional products to match your requirements suitably.

Visit for further information on promotional products.

Happy promoting!

To view a large variety of promotional products for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Mar 16 2010

Special Offer – Promo Direct Stick Pens at Unimaginable Price

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Offer Last Till 1st April, 2010

Pens have undoubtedly been the most popular kinds of promotional products, utilized by majority of companies across USA and benefited from its promotional advantages. In fact, gifting promotional pens to everybody is one of the oldest forms of advertising. They’re so successfully common that you must have certainly come across a pen, at least once, with a particular company’s logo & message imprinted on it. Right?

If you’re planning to purchase promotional giveaways but you do not wish to spend too much, then a pen is certainly the best choice. To make it even better, we present to you a special offer of purchasing the Promo Direct Stick Pen at an unbelievable price of 0.11$* only. These pens are also available in a wide range of colors such as black, white, burgundy, dark blue, green, magenta, light green, yellow, grey, etc. to match your company’s color schemes or simply personal preferences.

Everybody uses a pen. So, whatever your target audience comprises of, a pen is an extremely minimally risky option as a business promotional item.

We also have an extensive collection of distinctive pens available for those who need something else. From elegantly metallic pens for the elites to the funky or sporty range of pens for the youth, you name it and we’d get it for you.

We highly recommend you to place your order as soon as possible because the offer lasts only till the 1st of April. So, why wait? Visit and order them now!

For more promotional gifts visit

Happy ‘penning’!

To view a large variety of promotional Confectioneries for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Mar 15 2010

Sweet Enticement with Promotional Confectionery

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The phenomenon of welcoming guests with sweets has been followed consistently since centuries. Even today, it is implemented in the industry of hospitality and lodging. It’s a gesture which signifies a warm feeling amongst visitors, making them feel pleased, welcomed and special.

Promotional sweets are one of the most idealistic options when it comes to corporate gifts. Nowadays, the concept of business gifts has considerably evolved as a profitable option for building a brand name in the market and many companies are carefully strategizing every step involved in it. And promotional confectionery is certainly a much loved and successful type of a promotional product amongst such companies.

A wide range of sweets are available in the market today, such as mint candies, fruit drops, rock sweets, jelly, chewing gums, fudges, biscuits, lollipops, etc. These sweets are customized by imprinting their wrapper with the company name, logo, background color and any desired message or probably a tag line. If you’re looking out for ways to enhance your company’s goodwill, sending out sweets to clients might just be what you’re looking for!

It is possible that you’ve never even thought of giving away fortune cookies as promotional business gifts. If yes, you’d be surprised to know that they are very popular as promotional items. Custom sweets are generally given away at trade shows, seminars, conferences, exhibitions and other such social business events.

One of the main advantages of promotional confectionery items is their cost-effectiveness. If you’re looking for maximum impact with minimal damages to your pocket, this is exactly what you need.

We at Promo Direct would be happy to provide you with the best confectionery according to your promotional budget. Visit and place your orders today!

Have a ‘sweet’ day!

To view a large variety of promotional Confectioneries for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Mar 11 2010

Effective Promotion Using Drawstring Bags

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Promotional bags have always been a renowned option for various promotional activities. This category of bags consists of a wide range of promotional business gifts such as conference bags, laptop bags, tote bags, etc. But let us spotlight on a new range of colorful, trendy and exceptionally cost-effective type of bags: “Promotional Drawstring Bags.”

As the name signifies, drawstring bags are bags with strings which are placed on the inside line of stitching at the top closing. You can easily carry them around anywhere and for anything possible. Drawstring bags are certainly long lasting items which is also why they’re so popular nowadays.

Drawstring sport bags are extremely popular amongst school students, sportspersons, young executives, etc. They are extremely trendy which adds to the benchmark of being efficient and cost-effective. There are literally hundreds of colors and designs available to choose from. In fact, one of the latest fashionable accessories used by the younger generation today are these drawstring bags.

Customized drawstring bags are imprinted with the company’s logo and desired message to communicate with the targeted audience and promote the brand’s existence amongst others. For example, giving away personalized drawstring bags to only one class can create an unbelievable buzz amongst the entire college.

Customized imprinting on promotional drawstring bags not only make them attractive but puts them into good use for brand recall amongst users, every single day. The users will end up showcasing your brand name to many others which will increase your brand recognition. These bags, like we mentioned in the title, will definitely help your ‘brand travel along’.

Don’t you wish to do that?

Happy ‘bagging’!

To view a large variety of promotional bags for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Mar 10 2010

How to Decide Over a Quality Corporate Gift

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If you’re planning any promotional activity in the near future, we suggest you to plan it out well, carefully and thoughtfully. Promotional products are always supposed to be bought at least a few weeks before the event, in order to acquire adequate time to decide over its customization.

Everybody prefers quality corporate gifts but spending so much money may not seem worthy all the time. Well, you’d be happy to know that there are various cost effective corporate gifts available to benefit your business. Finding such affordable products could be a significant step in promotional planning.

Nowadays, low cost corporate giveaways go beyond ordinary pens, notepads or coffee mugs. With our extensive range of top business products, you can extend your choices, modify it by imprinting your logo & message and still leave your mark behind on receivers. For example, you can opt for a classy photo frame or probably an imprinted glass trophy, with a flattering message, to make your potential customers feel special. And they’re considerably cheaper than you expect them to be, yes, they are.

Promotional writing products, apparels, bags & other travel products, keychains and other related accessories are examples of the world’s most successful low-cost corporate promotional gifts. They’re extremely famous amongst American companies, so much that it is possible you’ve already tried them out once in the past.

Once before you’ve decided to place an order, make sure you check the quantity discounts total amount of products. The more you purchase, the lower is the unit price.
We at Promo Direct certainly understand your need of acquiring quality products at affordable prices. After all, only such products have higher capability to leverage your marketing and returns effectively.

So why wait?
Visit and select your low-cost choice today!

Happy promoting!

To view a large variety of corporate gifts for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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