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Mar 31 2010

Promotional Key Holders – The Next Best Giveaway

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After promotional pens, the second option that comes to most people’s minds, when referred to ‘promotional products’ is: promotional key holders. Key holders are ideally one of the most cost-effective, widely accessed and renowned type of promotional products today. Everybody uses one, and the reason is very simple: to hold different keys together with an attractive key holder. 

Marketers have realized that key holders double up as an amazing source of brand exposure too. Users will see their key holders at least twice daily, once while leaving home and secondly while unlocking the door after they return home. They might also come across it while starting or locking the car, while searching their wallets, pockets or purses for something else, etc.

So, if you’re looking for ways to enhance your brand recognition, recall or exposure; distributing key holders as promotional giveaways to potential customers, colleagues and employees might prove beneficial. After all, key holders are extremely low-priced, diverse and most importantly easily customizable. Promo Direct also offers you FREE 24 hour Rush Production for all those last minute events and conferences.

You can choose from our wide collection of multiple utility promotional key holders such as: plastic tuff tags, flexible tags, mini flashlights, first-aid keychains, Carabiner key rings or other usual holders available in different makes, sizes, shapes, colors, etc. – as you may want to customize it. For example, imprinted flexible key tags are available in 17 assorted stock shapes and the imprinted Heart stock shape or the Awareness Ribbon stock shape will show people that you care.

So, why wait?
These products could be your KEY to success.
Or at least one of the best promotional items to opt for, and we can vouch for that.

Happy promoting!

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Mar 27 2010

PromoDirect Now Offers $50 off On Your First Purchase

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We at Promo Direct, care a lot about our customers. In fact, 100% customer satisfaction is what we strongly believe in. And if you’re our new customer, we welcome you wholeheartedly. 

If this is your first ever promotional product experience or only the first one with us, we’d rather make sure it’s special and remembered forever. Thus, we provide you with $50 off on your first order of promotional items. Yes, 50 dollars. The credit will be emailed to you soon after you’ve successfully set up your account with us.

And that’s not the only reason why you should sign-up. We also offer free samples of these corporate gifts if you wish to inspect them before you place an order. Well, unlike other distributors, we certainly understand the significance of being completely sure about the choice before purchase. In fact, you can also contact us for a free catalog of our extensive range of promotional giveaways.

If you don’t have any idea about what to imprint your order of promotional items with, don’t worry. Just send across an email or a disk with your logos and other brand related designs after placing your order and e will create an artwork for free. No, we’re not kidding, absolutely FREE. This way, you’ll end up saving another $50 on your purchase.

Choose from our extensive range of existing promotional products or visit the section of our new promotional items.

Happy promoting!

To view a large variety of Promotional Products and to find special offers for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Mar 26 2010

Different Types of Promotional Mugs & Drinkware

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Imagine this printed on a coffee mug:
“Our work is good, our office coffee is better.
Come over. Let’s talk!”
Impressive, right?

Drinkware products are not solely used to consume beverages anymore. It has become a very successful type of gift over the years, even as a promotional giveaway at business events. Majority of companies purchase drinkware to promote a business, event, a particular team, a certain promotional activity, company’s offerings or services, etc. These custom promotional items can be given away to potential customers, valuable clients, hardworking employees or even as a souvenir to competitors!

Promotional drinkware can be created from numerous types of glasses, mugs, cups and bottles. Glassware is usually imprinted with names and dates of significant events or personal messages or even customized artworks and graphics. Glassware includes wine glasses, normal drinking glasses, shot glasses, beer mugs, etc. You can also opt for koozies and other can or bottle holders.

Ceramic mugs are another renowned type of drinkware. This section comprises of classic mugs, café mugs, bistro mugs, campfire mugs, etc. Another section of plastic cups and promo sport bottles comprises of stadium cups, trendy & sporty plastic water bottles and biodegradable & recyclable mugs.

Drinkware has evidently escalated its way up, to be one of our top promo product bestsellers. You can choose from our wide range of promotional mugs, ceramics, glassware, promotional bottles, travel mugs, tumblers, etc. You can imprint these promotional items with your company names, logos and desired messages for receivers, and distribute them at various corporate events.

So, why wait?
I hope you’re ordering preferable drinkware today!

Visit for further details.

Happy drinking! :)

Also see bullet line coffee cups

To view a large variety of Promotional Drinkware for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Mar 23 2010

Imprinted Promotional Apparels – Promote Your Brand in Style

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That’s right.
If you’re planning to do something, why not do it in style?One of the most easiest and efficient giveaways utilized by marketers across America are promotional apparels. Easiest because they are acceptable and very likeable; efficient because it has the potential to last for long with receivers and continue to spread awareness for an impressive amount of time.

Customized apparel is often used to advertise a company’s offerings, business, a product or an event. Our extensive range of apparels comprises of promotional caps, promotional shirts, sweatshirts, jackets, women’s apparel, etc. Promotional T-shirts are the most commonly utilized option amongst the extensive range of apparels.

Businesses that are looking to create a buzz or seeking for that appropriate promotional products to do so, apparels might benefit you beyond your expectations. Here are a few tips: 1) Know your target market well. This will help you analyze which type of apparel to opt for. 2) Decide what is to be imprinted. Your brand colors or the message could catch attention. So be creative! 3) Take your time. Detailed planning could be the reason behind a successful promotional initiative.

Every time a person wears something with your imprinted logo and message on it, he or she promotes your brand wherever they go. In the park, a mall, on the streets, at golf courts or even at work. It’s like creating a walking billboard!

So, create a design which is eye-catching and plan your strategy well.
And remember, everybody loves apparels.

So why wait?
Place your order online today!

Also see Bullet line headwear

Happy promoting! :)

To view a large variety of Promotional Apparels for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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Mar 19 2010

Free 24-hour Service – For Promotional Products & Promotional Items

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Promotional products are ideal gifts for the target group of potential customers to enhance the company’s brand recognition and recall. They are usually given away at corporate events such as tradeshows, conferences, exhibitions, etc. Sometimes companies realize that it is very late to order promotional items and might lose out on the opportunity of utilizing them at an upcoming event. And instead, losing out on a bunch of significant customers is probably a higher concern here. 

Disappointing, isn’t it?
Don’t worry; we’ve got that sorted for all of you.

Promo Direct offers you free 24 hour service for an extensive range of business promotional items from promotional bags, writing products, healthcare items, drinkware, office items, etc. Yes, it’s FREE. You can choose your promo product from a total of 648 promo items which can be delivered at your doorstep within 24 hours.

And that’s not all.
On time delivery is promised to you on all these products. We believe in 100% customer satisfaction and we do our best to establish and maintain that with all our customers.

Promo Direct is one of the nation’s leading suppliers of promotional products, with thousands of satisfied customers choosing us for our lowest price guarantee. We keep our overhead low and buy at higher volumes for better discounts on top quality products.

So, why wait?
Order your personalized promotional product today!

Visit our section of FREE 24 Hour Service products or for further information.

Happy promoting!

To view a large variety of Promotional Items for your brand promotion, please visit our website at

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