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The 5 Best Selling Promotional Products

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What are the best selling promotional products of Promo Direct? Which ones have higher possibilities of being successful? These are the most common questions asked to us; and why not! It is important to know what is already doing well to minimize the risk factor, especially if it is

Tips to target specific audience with promotional giveaways

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Promotional giveaway items are one of the best marketing tools utilized by almost every company today. But before ordering your custom promotional giveaways, it is extremely important to define your target audience specifically. Why so? Because you wouldn’t want your efforts to go waste, would you? To determine your

Advantages of buying eco friendly promotional items

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Going green is the buzz in the biz nowadays! And it should be; because if you aren’t kinder towards the environment now, you might not even get a chance in the future! More and more companies are joining the race of ‘go green promotional products’ by adapting eco-friendly ways