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Dec 28 2009

Write your Success with Personalized Promotional Pencils

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Would you like to gift potential as well as existing customers, to create brand recognition for an estimated distance of 35 miles with maximum utility and lightweight portability to add to the overall utility of the product?

Personalized pencils are highly appreciated promotional products of all time and also an ideal tool for advertising purposes. And yes, they can draw a line which could go up to 35 miles!

Pencils are extremely useful and equally stylish, praiseworthy and affordable. All you have to do is order for custom pencils and modify them accordingly to your brand personality, logo & colors, promotional budget, etc. They are also available in a versatile and wide range of options to match your brand’s preferences.

A promotional pencil is supposedly one of the cheapest options amongst imprinted giveaways with an estimate pricing of as low as 15 to 25 cents per pencil. Majority of the industry consider pencils to be ideal for tradeshows, corporate events or other relative business meetings or functions.

But if you want to generate a better impression and higher curiosity, choose from the higher end pencils which could be a little more expensive but possess high utility, which in turn would increase the times of customers’ positively recollect those events.

Please keep in mind to personalize the design and artwork in relation with you target audience, brand personality and the planned event, in order to attain unbelievably desired results. And if you need any kind of help, just contact us.

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So, good luck with “writing” your success story! ;)

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Dec 23 2009

Advertise your brand through Promotional Wall Calendars

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What time is it? And the day? What about the date?
These questions sound familiar, don’t they?

If not, you probably are aware of the importance and utility of calendars! It doesn’t matter what time, day or date it is today; because promotional wall calendars are ideal and inexpensive gifts for customers round the clock for 365 days a year!

Every home or office is incomplete without a wall calendar. Why not use this opportunity to establish and maintain your brand’s recognition on everyone’s walls, for a year at least!

Calendars help your customers mark appointments, scheduled meetings, birthday or anniversary reminders, bill or tax payment days or simply to verify the day of the current month. Every time they appear in front of such wall calendars your logo and messages create brand recognition and recall.

You can choose a variety of themes from our wide range of promotional calendars available online, such as, inspirational, patriotic, eco-friendly themes, etc. All you have to do is surf through our collection and pick out a suitable one for your brand’s personality; and get your logo and message imprinted on the selected ones.

You can also keep it simple & personal by selecting a small desk or a stick up calendar, sized conveniently to match your preference. Thus, you can expand your reach to each individual and elevate your brand’s presence even further.

Order your set of personalized 2010 calendars for your potential & existing customers, colleagues and friends today!

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Dec 10 2009

Brand Your Company with Promotional Shirts

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You must have certainly come across a creative or a witty promotional shirt which ended up impressing you somehow. Right?

You see. You read. You remember.
That is precisely what these promotional shirts are meant for.

To attract attention is the main criteria behind promotional shirts. It can work wonders for your brand awareness and recall with just a small creative message or image. Giving away shirts as freebies can prove to be an ideal marketing strategy with hundreds of people roaming around as your brand ambassadors. All you have to do is be creative; and gain brand recognition & visibility in abundance at negligible costs!

Promotional t shirts are not costly items, especially if you’re dealing with the right promotional manufacturer or supplier. Apart from the discount on bulk orders, you can also choose from a wide range of fabrics to suit your budget constrains.

Customized clothing can add to the exclusivity of your brand. Choose the right colors; use your logo and tagline wisely, along with a memorable message that you desire to convey to your existing and potential customers.

Promotional apparel is extremely likely to be successful for your brand, as everyone likes wearing smart t shirts. Majority of business companies have bagged on this formula to generate successful marketing. Make sure you research on the right type of products for your target audience to stand out in today’s competitive market. And give them away at tradeshows, meetings and other corporate parties or events.

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