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The art of giving away products for Marketing in return

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Have you ever tried counting the amount of promotional products that you possess or received? And you’d certainly recollect the brand imprinted on it when mentioned, without even looking at it. True? Promotional products are being positioned and implemented much more today, in marketing and communications mix of various

Promotional Bottles – Quenching your Promotional Efforts

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Water is a necessity, and we all can’t live without it obviously. Doesn’t that make water bottles an extremely important product too? If you’re nodding, you partially know how important distributing promotional bottles can be at your next trade show.If your company is planning to organize a trade show,

Promotional Pens – Penning your Company’s Success

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How often have you been on the receiving end of: “Hi, could I please borrow your pen for one second?” Or for a matter of fact, said this too?Next time anybody asks you that, offer him a free promotional pen of your company instead!Pens are indeed one of the

Convert your company’s leads into sales with Promotional Keychains

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Could you reach out to your bag or your pockets, for your keys please? Is your keychain a promotional product that you received for free? Most of you would certainly say yes. And why not, keychains are commonly utilized to promote businesses. Such promotional keychains are often embedded with

Sip the taste of promotion with Coffee Mugs

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You wake up in the morning, brew some fresh coffee for your friends or family members and pour it in different cups that you received over the years by attending various trade shows. Relative situation, isn’t it? Promotional cups have evidently been one of the most common and efficient