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Nov 24 2009

The art of giving away products for Marketing in return

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Have you ever tried counting the amount of promotional products that you possess or received? And you’d certainly recollect the brand imprinted on it when mentioned, without even looking at it. True?Promotional products are being positioned and implemented much more today, in marketing and communications mix of various companies in the U.S. These giveaways are usually imprinted with a logo or slogan, to depict the brand’s personality and dissimilarity with the others, especially competitors.

Why should your company consider and concentrate on business promotional items?

Here’s why…
1. Enhances goodwill and brand personality
2. Diverts and strengthens marketing of existing products or services
3. Generates ample leads for sales
4. Acquires feedback for newly launched products/services
5. Stimulates customers’ involvement

Industrial advertising has been proven to be much more effective than most of the other mediums via promotional gifts. Due to its useful characteristics, those products are tend to be used and treasured by potential customers. That eventually leads to voluntary and repeated exposure and easy recall of the advertiser’s brand and/or the put across message.

If you have a lead database, which involves knowing the people specifically, personalizing them by including their name or preference could create maximum appeal.

The next step is simple.
For the upcoming trade show, plan out your business promotional items well.
And if you need any help with that, call us.
We’d love to help you out.

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Nov 23 2009

Promotional Bottles – Quenching your Promotional Efforts

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Water is a necessity, and we all can’t live without it obviously.
Doesn’t that make water bottles an extremely important product too?
If you’re nodding, you partially know how important distributing promotional bottles can be at your next trade show.If your company is planning to organize a trade show, conference, exhibition or any such business event, you’re going to come across various options of free promotional giveaways. If you’re not willing to spend too much, provide the visitors with a refreshing promotional bottle of mineral water. This could be a great effort for creating instant satisfaction and enhancing your goodwill by having the label printed in distinctive colors with your company’s logo, artwork and messages on it.

Unlike bottled water, customized sports bottles have the advantage of higher longevity over it, which will display your brand’s presence to users on a daily basis. Your prospects or existing customers might remember you several times in a day, quenching their thirst along with your brand’s thirst for awareness!

Promotional bottles are also affordable, costing around one dollar on an average in USA.
Custom water bottles can also be used as a healthy staff giveaway, making those employees remember you whenever they drink water or each time they refill it.

There are various types of bottles to choose from. For example, disposable water bottles, metal or plastic drink ware, vacuum flasks, cooler bags including bottles, etc. Make sure you choose the right one to match your brand personality, before purchasing.

Ordering custom aluminum water bottles is fairly easy in recent time. Simply determine the quantity, size and type of bottles you require, compare prices with other suppliers and forward your logo and other details to the one you select.
All of this can be done online!

If you have a request for your custom bottle, please email us with details or a diagram.
We’d love to offer you a quote on it.
Or feel free contact us for any query.

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Nov 22 2009

Promotional Pens – Penning your Company’s Success

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How often have you been on the receiving end of:
“Hi, could I please borrow your pen for one second?”
Or for a matter of fact, said this too?Next time anybody asks you that, offer him a free promotional pen of your company instead!

Pens are indeed one of the most popular promotional giveaways in the world and promotional pens could work wonders for your business. And how!

For example, greet all the people visiting your counter at a trade show, by offering them a slick & classy pen with a case or box, if required. Ask them to fill a form which would constitute of their details, using the same pen. Bingo! You’d successfully acquire a lead to increase your sales and also spread your brand’s awareness even further.

There’s a wide collection of promotional pens out there! From metallic pens for the elites to funky or sporty ones for the youth, they are available in different shapes, sizes, colors, designs and make, to suit your brand personality or preference.

Your potential customers would receive a long lasting, pleasant impression about your company if you gift them with an exclusive one, which in reality might not be very expensive. That will make them feel special and return to you again and again, eventually stretching towards loyalty.

Promotional pens can be given to employees as well, as a reward to their dedication and hard work. This will in turn create some motivation resulting into higher performances.

Promotional pens can prove to be the ideal gift for everyone as it is something which is used on a daily basis. Thus, in this promotional war with competitors, a pen can prove to be mightier than the sword! Indeed!

Also see Crown products pens

We suggest you place your order now and start penning your company’s success!

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Nov 19 2009

Convert your company’s leads into sales with Promotional Keychains

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Could you reach out to your bag or your pockets, for your keys please? Is your keychain a promotional product that you received for free? Most of you would certainly say yes. 

And why not, keychains are commonly utilized to promote businesses. Such promotional keychains are often embedded with the company’s name, contact information along with the logo. The main reason behind their popularity is its inexpensiveness and small-to-store or carry abilities.

Promotional keychains can be doubled up as another product to increase its utility by the prospect customers. For example, a keychain can also be a bottle opener, flashlight, credit card holders, compasses, miniatures of monuments, USB flash drives, etc. This would make your brand last longer in their pockets, bags and moreover minds!

Keychains are also a great medium to reward or motivate your company’s employees with probably an “All the best” or “Well done” message printed on it.

After choosing an apt keychain for your prospects, you need not worry too much about the exposure of your brand. Any type of key is compatible with a standard type of key ring. Throughout the day, the keychain would come across at least twice a day. They would collect it while leaving the house and unlocking the door when they return. By distributing promotional keychains, you’d be keeping yourself in front of your leads continually.

If you have a limited budget, you can order for plastic keychains, which are very famous in the U.S. and are produced according to your company’s preference. They are also available in a wide range of colors, shapes, designs, etc to match your choice.

So are you prepared to (key)chain your leads to sales?

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Nov 18 2009

Sip the taste of promotion with Coffee Mugs

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You wake up in the morning, brew some fresh coffee for your friends or family members and pour it in different cups that you received over the years by attending various trade shows. Relative situation, isn’t it? Promotional cups have evidently been one of the most common and efficient giveaways in tradeshows and the reasons beneath it are rather obvious. Coffee is the world’s most popular beverage.

So, distributing promo cups increase the chances of it being appealing and utilized amongst potential customers.Are you aiming to increase your brand awareness at your next trade show? If yes, a personalized coffee mugs could be precisely an answer to that. Just select from a wide range of available options to suit your brand’s personality, imprint your logo and give them away to acquired leads. Sounds good?

There are many other options to choose from under promotional cups, if coffee mugs are not exactly what you are looking for. For example, wine glasses, porcelain or plastic mugs, disposable paper cups, water bottles or sippers, etc. Choosing a new drink ware for every trade show can be an interesting strategy. Your prospect customers will have your brand around throughout the day. While sipping coffee in the morning & sipping water while traveling to work or while hosting a party at home in the evening, your brand would always be around.

So why are you wasting time in thinking? Just organize your trade show. Distribute promotional cups. Acquire leads successfully. And spread the experience of sipping on to promotion.

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