6 Awesome Tech Promo Items to Win Customers Over in 2017

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Gone are the days when you could woo customers with a simple logo-imprinted pen. To get their attention and favor, you need to keep up with the times. One of the latest trends in the promotional industry is the preference for high-value promotional products. Technology promotional items have become

10 Health Promotional Products To Give Away During National Public Health Week

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National Public Health Week is just around the corner! This year, it will be observed during the week of April 3 to 9. This occasion provides businesses with an opportunity to show they care about employees and customers. Use our range of promotional healthcare items to gain the trust

7 Eco-friendly Promotional Products For Earth Day 2017

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Earth Day is eagerly awaited by marketers every year. It offers them an opportunity to interact with the target audience using eco-friendly giveaways. This year, Earth Day falls on a Saturday (April 22nd, 2017). Origins of Earth Day Earth Day has origins that date back to 1969. That’s when

5 Tips to Attract an Unfamiliar Target Audience

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Many businesses have to deal with a target audience they are not familiar with, especially when a new product offering is launched. A sense of unfamiliarity is also experienced while expanding operations to newer horizons. Some companies know how to sell to all kinds of audiences while others find

Print Catalogs in the Digital World: Why Are They Still Popular?

The answer is simple – because they work! We can understand why some people may think catalogs are a dead form of marketing in the digital age. But you’d be surprised to know that 92% of young shoppers say that they prefer direct mail for making purchase decisions. In fact,

7 Reasons to Use Promotional Products for Your Business

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Promotional products help brands generate goodwill and appreciation among the target audience. 36% of people who received promotional products said that they are more likely to do business with the advertiser. Here are a few other reasons to use promotional products for your business: Providing promotional products to your

6 Promotional Items For Your Remote Employees

In years past, most managers didn’t have difficulty communicating with their team members. This was because these team members were seated in the same office setting. The manager simply had to walk up to the employee to convey his/her message. The last couple of years have witnessed a sea

Ordering Embroidered Apparel? Here’s What You Need to Know

Embroidered apparel is an excellent marketing tool for your brand. On an average, custom embroidered clothing will generate more than 2300 impressions in its lifetime! Moreover, apparel is extremely versatile. It can be used as corporate gifts, work uniforms, and tradeshow giveaways. Embroidered apparel gives your brand a professional

Screen Printing vs. Heat Transfer: All You Need To Know

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You have probably seen a lot of people wearing promotional t-shirts. Each t-shirt has a clear and neatly positioned logo that grabs the attention of passersby. This article will focus on the methods that ensure an image (logo in this case) is neatly transferred to the fabric. The methods

8 Promotional Product Ideas For The Construction Industry

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Just like most domains, the construction industry relies heavily on promotional products to build long-term relationships with customers. At Promo Direct, we are in constant touch with construction firms who understand the role played by giveaways to remain relevant in the industry. We help them meet their marketing goals!