Apr 18

5 Tips To Boost Sales In 2014

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The business world is getting more competitive than ever before. More competitors are entering the market and offering services/products that are very similar to yours. In order to be successful as an entrepreneur, you must look for ways to expand your customer base and increase sales. No matter what industry you are in, it is very important for you to move up faster in the sales ladder and be successful.

Here are 5 tips that will help you increase sales in 2014.

  1. Put your brand in front of your customers

Don’t get disappointed by average or below-par quarterly sales reports. Try to stay connected with your customers. Instead of simply sending our 2014 catalogs, remind your customers of upcoming tradeshows, webinars or contests. Joanne Black, author of the book, Pick Up the Damn Phone! How People, Not Technology, Seal the Deal, says that entrepreneurs must find ways to add value to their business and must follow-up with their customers on a regular basis.

  1. Do away with boring sales pitches

Most sales representatives are armed with sales pitches to impress customers. Why not try encouraging your reps to have a worthy and spontaneous conversation?  The probability of a 30-second sales pitch impressing target audiences at a given moment is one in a billion. But a genuine and caring conversation can go places.

  1. Networking works!

Networking not only helps to gain new customers but also aids in retaining old ones as well. You need to be smart and curious enough to explain your products or services to others. Attend a business event or tradeshow and look out for strategic partnerships. You will find prospects who will recommend your business to others as well.

  1. Analyze your business strategies

There is no point sticking to the same old rules when it comes to running a business. What worked a few years back may not work now. Review your business and implement new strategies. For instance, you can design an appealing and user-friendly website or build an engaging social media presence to increase brand awareness.

  1. Listen to your customers

You can ask your customers for testimonials and know whether or not they are satisfied with your services.  Always listen to prospects when you are communicating with them. More than anything else, customers love being pampered. So see to it that 95% of the conversation is focused on customers.

Apart from the tips above, try to maintain a monthly report and write down your goals and objectives. At the end of each month, see whether those goals are met or not. If your goals are not being met, have a brainstorming session to make sure things go as planned. Hope these tips help you plan your business better. All the best!

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Apr 16

The Latest in Promotional Products by OPEN Forum

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MSNBC visits Advertising Specialty Institute’s (ASI) show featuring the wackiest promotional products to help businesses stand out and steer clear of competition. Some of the products featured in this video are available at Promo Direct as well!

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Apr 11

Let This Easter Be Special For Your Customers And Employees

Easter Sunday is just around the corner! Have you thought about using this special occasion to highlight your brand? People often associate cheery and fun memories with Easter. By choosing Easter to highlight your brand, you will be able to draw quality goodwill to your business.

Here is an interesting insight on Easter from the National Confectioners Association: 82.5% of individuals like receiving candies/chocolates while 72.9% prefer non-edible items such as books, crayons and stuffed animals as promotional gifts.*

The team at Promo Direct has made things easier for you by picking the top 5 Easter giveaways chosen by our buyers. Hope you like this list!

1. Fitness is Fun Coloring Book
These 16-page coloring books are great giveaways for children. They feature great story lines on health. They also include exciting games that will keep kids hooked!

2. Candy Roll
Share the joy of Easter by giving away candy rolls to your customers. This product comes with 11 individual candies , each with a unique flavor.

3. Celebration Tote Bag
They are lightweight, tear-resistant, water-resistant and made to last longer. Let your recipients carry them along at shopping malls, beaches and picnics so that your brand gets highlighted all over town!

4. Buster Bear
Made of soft plush material, Buster Bears will make cute gifts for individuals of all age groups. Impress your customers by giving away these stuffed toys!

5. Mug Gift Bag with Starlite Mints
Delight your customers by giving them this sweet goody bag of surprises. It contains starlite mints and can be imprinted with your logo or slogan.

For more gift ideas, log on to our website PromoDirect.com. Do let us know if you liked our products. Happy Easter!

Reference:- http://www.candyusa.com/FunStuff/content.cfm?ItemNumber=9964&navItemNumber=9595

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Apr 11

Holidays and Observances in USA – May 2014

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Apr 07

Market Your Brand More Effectively With Stress Balls

Stress balls help people to get rid of tension, anxiety and depression while making them feel better and lighter. They can also be used to increase concentration while developing a better grip. These stress balls are also beneficial for individuals suffering from arthritis or carpel tunnel syndrome as they provide quality exercises for the fingers and wrist.

Custom stress balls are becoming popular in offices, health centers and educational institutions. These products will make your marketing campaign stand out from the rest.

Featured in this article are some stress relievers offered by Promo Direct:

1. Promo Stress Balls:- These stress balls are made of soft poly-foam. They are perfect to show your customers and employees that you care for their well-being.

2. Earth Stress Reliever:- Help your customers lead a quality life by giving them these unique stress relievers. They are made of squeezable polyurethane material and are perfect for the travel industry.

3. Golf Ball Stress Reliever:- Made of polyurethane foam, these stress balls are ideal for sports clubs and golf outings. They tone hands and wrist muscles, and provide relief from stress.

4. Colored Stress Ball:- These classic stress balls are available in several colors and are perfect for tradeshows, conferences and campaign drives.

5. Basketball Shape Stress Ball:- These basketball-shaped stress relievers are trendy looking and can be used as the perfect sports giveaways.

Stress balls can also be given away to show your support for causes such as Earth day, cancer awareness and anti-smoking campaigns. Browse our website to find out other varieties and contact our experts to get them tailored as per your requirement!

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